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Edelweiss Vallvidrera

It is the first centre of the Brandeis Group. It is located in the historic Hotel Vallvidrera, which was open back in 1929. It was presented as a noucentista building ─Noucentisme was a Catalan cultural movement of the early 20th century that originated largely as a reaction against Catalan modernism, both in art and ideology, and was simultaneously a perception of art almost opposite to that of the avant-gardists─ with an L shaped floor, luxurious facilities and privileged views of Barcelona. The place is sorrounded by nature and far from the chaos of the city, but at the same time only 10 minutes away from it.


It was its majestic, quiet and at the same time close to the city, appearance what made it the gathering point of F.C. Barcelona from 1954 and during more than three decades. Its facilities have embraced sports celebrities such as Kubala, Maradona, Zamora, Biosca, etc. It has also embraced football teams, like R.C. D. Espanyol, the Argentinian national football team and the C.F. Malaga.


On 1982, the Hotel Vallvidrera was acquired by Brandeis Group, who modified and adapted the facilities for the elderly people, but still conserved the noucentista style that charactherises the building. It still conserves from that period the original facades, the doors and the main floor, with its original dining room hall and cafeteria.


Since Brandeis Group acquired it they have periodically invested in the maintenance of the building. They have also built a big garden, cosy bedrooms, spacious and safe bathrooms, illuminated rooms with the circadian cycle for dependent people and they offer all kinds of services.


Edelweiss Vallvidrera has 80 vacancies, double and single rooms, and all of them have natural lighting and views of the outside.



Algarves Street, 23
08017 Barcelona
(Sarrià-Sant Gervasi)

Phone: +34 93 217 87 03

Edelweiss Medical Comfort

Open in 2012, Edelweiss Medical Comfort Cubelles was conceived as a holiday home, reproducing the architecture and the facilities of a typical area of holiday in Costa Daurada. It also has facilities that have been recently built, such as facilities adapted for elderly people, a big garden, relaxation zone, gym, hairdressers, cafeteria and many other services.


The centre is located in a pleasant area where people can relax and enjoy the sun and the beach. The climate is temperate during the whole year, with many sunny days, which produces great health benefits.


The facilities are equipped for any kind of post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery, so the residents can improve their mobility and autonomy and they can experience a substantial improvement of their health.


Due to the good weather, the outdoor activities are very common, as well as the events that promote the contact between relatives and neighbours. Furthermore, the centre is well-connected, close to the town of Cubelles, which is famous for its beautiful beaches, what allows the residents to enjoy them as much as they wish.

Edelweiss Medical Comfort has 90 vacancies, double and single rooms, and all of them have natural lighting and views of the outside.



Europa Avenue, 1-3
08880 Cubelles

Phone: +34 93 217 87 03

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