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Edelweiss Services

There is a highly qualified team working in each of our residences, who are experts in dealing with elderly people. Furthermore, we offer a high quality health assistance in the centre, with hospital staff that deals with any kind of care or treatments the residents may need. Any setback will be solved in minutes, so we can guarantee total peace of mind to our residents and their relatives.


Moreover, our infrastructures are adapted to the needs of the elderly ─slopes, support rails, adapted bathrooms, etc. In our centres, we also take care of the diet and we make sure a healthy and balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean one, is provided; we also control the special diets that have been medically prescribed. We also offer physiotherapy services, gym, podiatry, hairdressing... and we also have the medical collaboration of Policlínica Barcelona.


But Edelweiss is much more than that. We encourage our residents to keep their own hobbies and we complement them with a wide range of fun activities, created from a dynamic, artistic and cultural perspective. These are also designed to motivate their participation and their relatives', so their relationships get stronger, and their time in Edelweiss is similar to a holiday with plenty of sun, relax and rest.

Assistance services

Health assistance:

Regular control of blood tests, appointments with health specialists, escort services, medical checks, cures, control of the medication... Both centres have health assistance at the disposal to the residents.


Personalised diets:

We are one of the few centres that can provide, depending on the needs of each resident, different kinds of diet: astringent, low calorie, high calorie, to protect the gallbladder, tube feeding, and, of course, a healthy and balanced diet such as the Mediterranean one— always supervised by our medical department. Furthermore, both centres have kitchen, which makes it easier to have personalised diets.


Exclusive floor for dementias:

We have a division specialised in these kind of medical conditions. The floor is totally adapted and it's supervised 24 hours a day. The activities done are dependent on the condition of the resident.


Circadian cycle room:

The room has a special illumination that improves the mood of dependent people (Alzheimer, all kinds of dementia and terminally ill patients) and helps them relax in moments of stress or aggressiveness. Many of these patients are afraid of darkness and the right illumination calms them and helps them sleep, regulating their circadian cycle (many studies reveal that circadian cycle is the one regulating the sleeping hours and allowing us to rest and not suffering mood swings nor alterations in the hormones that regulate our body).



Adapted equipment for rehabilitation. Residents can have personalised physiotherapy treatments and massages.


Physiotherapy Service:
We care about the quality of life of our residents; our aim is the promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of health.

Podiatry Service:

We are specialists in diabetic foot. Always under resident´s and family's demand.


Dentistry service:

House dentistry service, taking care of patients' dental needs.


Hairdressing service:

We offer hairdressing services to the residents and their families.


Launderette service:

The launderette is included in our services, which means a higher control of the hygiene of our residents and it´s always under supervision.


Facilities adapted for the elderly:We have adapted showers, slopes, alarms in the toilets, motion detectors, furniture adapted for the elderly and direct communication with the switchboard only by picking up the phone and elimination of architectural barriers. We also have our launderette.

Medical Assistance
Edelweiss's doctor
Gym Edelweiss
 Podiatry Service
Dental service Edelweiss
Healthcare services
Leisure and entertainment services


In this workshop we do easy and fun handicrafts where the residents use their creative side: picture frames, bookmarks, earrings, bracelets, etc.



In the gym sessions the residents work their psychomotricity as a method of stimulation and they do smooth exercises adapted to the group of residents that give them more flexibility and agility.


Board games:

The main goal is to have a good time working on relationships. The most played games are dominoes, ludo, chess, cards, bingo, etc.


Massage workshop:

A relaxing area for the residents that wish to participate. The sessions are individual.


Working against circulatory problems:

Exercises and massages for the circulatory system. Elastic dressings.


Work against sphincter issues:

Massages in the abdominal region.

Work against falls:

We offer a motor learning, learning of the transfers, re-education of the balance, standing and walking exercises. We offer help and prevention of falls.

Garden workshop:

We have an exterior garden area to grow and maintain vegetables. It's the responsibility of the residents that decide to take care of it who enjoy doing it.


Parties organisation:

In Edelweiss the residents participate actively in the organization of parties, decorating and preparing everything at a level they are able to and sharing these moments with other residents and the staff.

Some of the parties that are celebrated every year are: the Three Wise Men, carnivals, the arrival of spring, Sant Jordi, Mother´s Day, Father´s Day, Sant Joan, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, visits and combined activities.


Trips and hikes:
Trips are organised every month so the residents can enjoy of activities that are done outside the centre, such as plays, dancing sessions, cinema, circus, etc. 


We project movies and documentaries each week that are interesting for the residents and that can be used later to participate in debate groups.


Virtual trips and the use of new technologies:

We also do workshops with computers and projectors that allow the residents to learn and use the new technologies and visit museums, foreign cities, buildings, the areas or cities where they come from.

Halloween Edelweiss
Bingo Edelweiss
Painting Edelweiss
Xmas Edelweiss
Carnaval Edelweiss
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